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Over the years Arashi Daiko has had the chance to meet so many musicians and other taiko groups.  Below are some web sites that you might find of interest.

Information on Taiko

Taiko Makers

For the longest time, North American taiko groups had to either build their own taiko from barrels or order from Japan, which can be very expensive.  But over the years, the number of groups has grown enough for some North American taiko makers to be able to develop their craft and make a living from it.  For more information please visit  You will find below only a few taiko makers from the United States and Japan that we know personally.

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    Asano Taiko, Japan.  They have been around for almost 400 years (since 1609) and just recently opened a US branch in California. This is simply a priceless experience.
    Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, Tokyo, Japan.  If you have a chance to go to Tokyo, make sure you visit their store in Asakusa and make sure you visit the Drum Museum on the 4th floor!
    Miyoshi Taiko, California, USA.  We have not had the opportunity to purchase one of Mark Miyoshi’s drums yet but he has been kind enough make custom size replacement skins for us and we have been very happy with his craftsmanship and help.

Canadian Taiko Groups

We are really happy to see that the number of taiko groups in Canada has been steadily increasing in the past few years.  We are only listing some of the groups we know and have kept in touch with over the years, some of them for 25 years!

American Taiko Groups

Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka brought taiko to North America back in 1968, and taiko groups have been booming ever since.  There are literally hundreds of groups throughout the USA, with a great concentration on the West Coast, where taiko first landed. The number of groups listed here represents only a minute part of the vibrant taiko community in the United States.

Japanese Taiko Groups

Some estimate the number of taiko groups to more than 8000 in Japan!

    Kodo, professional taiko group from Sado Island, Japan
    Miyake Taiko, professional taiko group that focuses on the traditional style of taiko from Miyake Island, Japan.
    Shidara, professional taiko group from Aichi-ken, Japan.
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    Ryujin Daiko, Youth taiko group from Tokyo, Japan.

Other Friends of Arashi Daiko

Since 1983, Arashi Daiko has had the privilege of meeting amazing artists and developing lasting friendships.  Here are some of our friends.